Flash plugin with Ubuntu

I recently installed the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu, version 8.04 aka Hardy Heron, from Vista (which was pre-installed when I bought the laptop)

I managed to switch quite happily, replacing many of the applications I used daily (Notepad++, FileZilla, TortoiseSVN, Winamp) with either their linux counterparts or alternatives (Bluefish, Exaile and I’m going with the command line for SVN) one thing that was becoming annoying was the swfdec-mozilla plugin for playing flash content in Firefox, it only kinda worked for me. Google analytics graphs wouldn’t render, YouTube videos were occasionally very slow and worst of all I couldn’t watch the latest installment of Zero Punctuation!

I went to Adobe’s website and downloaded the nonfree version of the flash plugin, ran the install script, restarted FF, then restarted Ubuntu but swfdec persisted.  I couldn’t find any way to replace the default flash player in Firefox so then I had the bright idea of removing swfdec-mozilla.

Launched Synaptic, searched for swfdec, marked swfdec-mozilla for removal, shut down Firefox and hit apply. Less than 30 seconds later I’m launching up Firefox again and listening to Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw deliver his opinion on Gods of War: Chains of Olympus and another 30 seconds later I have a huge smile on my face, thanks Synaptic and thanks Yahtzee.