Solve crackling and picking up radio transmissions with logitech x530 speakers

I recently got hold of a set of Logitech X530 5.1 speakers to replace the one speaker I had previously. They were cheap enough, looked alright and besides they had to be better than what I had! Or so I thought…

So I get home from work, speakers under arm, tear the box open, unpackage each speaker from its double bag wrapping (yay environment!) and route the cables around and behind my monitor. I get everything set up just as I want it plug them in, turn them on and, what’s that noise? A crackling Spanish radio station?! certainly sounds like it. I’m not great with deducing foreign languages but it definitely sounded like a european radio station was being received by my new speakers, what the hell?!

Anyway after a bit of tweaking dials and things I found that turning the volume up on the speakers themselves cut the crackling and radio reception completely so my solution is now to leave the volume up on the speakers and turn it way down in the operating system, bueno!