Ubuntu 8.10 upgrade experience

This is just a quick post concerning my upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, there will be more to come later.

One of the new features I was most anticipating in this upgrade was the time tracking applet included with the upgrade to Gnome 2.24. I have to fill in daily time sheets at work and trying to keep track of what I work on in any one day has become a real hassle, I was hoping this applet would make completing these time sheets a lot easier so imagine my dismay when after performing the upgrade to 8.10 and opening the add to panel dialog I found no such applet!

Long story short and without explaination because I don’t know why it wasn’t there but I was able to add the time tracking applet by running the following in a terminal

sudo apt-get install hamster-applet

after installing hamster the time tracking applet was in my add to panel dialog and I am indeed looking forward to using it (apparently it took me 8 minutes to write this post!)