I’ve finally embraced CSS

I’ve been putting together sites for years but never really taken the time to learn CSS properly and sticking with table based structure for far too long, finally I have built my first site using nothing but CSS and div tags for layout. It’s probably not perfect but it works and that’s the main thing for me.

The site in question is http://www.cazzbuckley.co.uk

With my new found confidence in CSS I will now attempt to create a WordPress theme for that same site’s blog section, let’s see how it goes…

<fb:share-button /> useless error message

It seems the <fb:share-button> control has 1 error message:

There was an error trying to share this content.
Sorry, the content owner's privacy settings don't allow you to share
this content.

The actual reason for this error message was that the href of the target_url link was blank. It turns out this can happen if you mistype target_url too.